Twenty9 Publishing

Submit to Twenty 9 Publishing

Twenty9 Publishing is an independent publisher that welcomes submissions in its areas of specialism.

Please see our ‘About Us’ page for information on our areas of interest.
We publish short books of between 50 and 100 pages, as well as standard books which are usually around
80 – 90,000 words / 240 pages.
The main guideline for submitting work to Twenty9 Publishing is to have an interesting story to tell and to
write well. We love books that challenge the status quo.
If you would like to submit a book proposal to us, here’s what you should include in your proposal:

  • A cover letter telling us about yourself, what your book is about and why you think we should publish it.
  • An outline, which should include a synopsis not longer than two pages long
  • A chapter by chapter breakdown. Describe the contents of each chapter in no more than 5 lines.
  • Submissions should include three chapters, ideally the first three.
  • Your ideas for marketing and promoting the book
  • Please send submissions by email to We acknowledge receipt of all submissions.
  • We aim to read every proposal and respond to you within eight weeks. As we are a small publisher with finite resources, it may take longer if we have a busy schedule when you submit. Please be patient and you will hear from us soon.