Chris Allen founded Twenty9 Publishing in November 2020.

About Twenty9 Publishing…

Chris Allen founded Twenty9 Publishing in November 2020. 

Twenty9 is an independent publisher of books by radical writers and people who would otherwise not have a voice.

We exist to publish stories and writing that corporate publishers will not publish due to content or economy.

The focus of our books is alternative and autonomous culture.

We are based in Liverpool, so are especially interested in producing titles that celebrate the political, spiritual and artistic aspects of autonomous urban culture, especially :

  • Punk and Post-punk
  • DIY and cooperative scenes (music, education, allotments, housing, football)
  • Peace and anti-war movements
  • Anarchist and autonomous movements
  • Feminist and ecofeminist struggles
  • Spiritual activism and non-conformism
  • Urban environmentalism
  • Anti-racist, anti-fascist and refugee action

We currently run the publishing imprint using volunteer labour. In other words, we do it for nothing!

We donate 25% of any profits we make to organisations we believe in. The rest is invested in future publishing projects, so we can get radical voices, such as yours, out there.

We are especially interested in working with emerging and unknown writers. If your work is good enough, we will invest our time and resources in you.

Although we will provide you with a free publishing platform, you are unlikely to make any money out of publishing with us – unless you write a blockbuster!

We will not knowingly discriminate against any writers based on race, ethnicity, sex, gender, gender identity, religion or creed.

We will not publish books that glorify the political or cultural status quo.